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    We offer Acupuncture and Complementary Health Therapies

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    We also provide treatments for Fertility and Pregnancy

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    We can help you reach a higher level of wellbeing

Welcome to Kingston Hill Clinic - providing treatments including acupuncture, hypnotherapy and more from our clinic in Kingston-upon-Thames in Surrey.


Kingston Hill Clinic was set up by two acupuncturists. The aim of acupuncture is to rebalance the energetic equilibrium of the body, so to help it rid itself of pain and illness.

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Fertility & Pregnancy

We offer acupuncture for Fertility and Pregnancy, as well as Hypnotherapy for Fertility and Pregnancy.

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Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy may help with emotional, physical and spiritual healing. It may also reveal your life purpose and answer some of the questions you might have about your life.

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What's New...

Shine on… like a lighthouse

So our desire, no matter how deep-seated, to let our light shine may be a spiritual need. However, my social experience and personal observations have led me to believe that there is a vast difference in attitude and result according to the origin of the light we are letting through. If the light shines from our ego, we are trying to keep the spotlight on us for selfish reasons. If the light shines from our spirit, it emanates from us with the purpose of enlightening the world.

End of year baby fever

This post is my message of hope to all of you who are trying to have a baby. If you are feeling particularly sad as this year is ending, I’ve been there and I know what you are going through. It is a temporary problem. The resolution is already there, in the horizon.

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    Providing a range of acupuncture, hypnotherapy and other complementary therapies to patients in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surbiton and all over Surrey and London.

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